The debut album randy warhole (or somethin) by Salt Lake City natives oh!no?ok will be released later this year. Meanwhile, guys published the first single FIREMOUTH, inspired by the 90’s and alternative rock scene aesthetic. If you try to describe the style of FIREMOUTH it would be best to say that it sounds like a cinematic intergalactic indie rock journey of a slackerish spaceman who tries to point your attention to human issues. Quite impressive, considering this high-school-friends band is only year old. A gentle touch of producer Nate Pyfe (The Moth & the Flame, Kaskade) is clearly audible.

Leau (a.k.a. Elizabeth Rouleau) comes back with a dazzling dream pop song No One’s Gonna Love You, touching tranquil yet yearning vibe at the same time. This single’s evocative lyrical content evolves around what it feels like to fall in love with someone who is struggling with their own sexuality. The unavoidable heartbreak almost manifests itself via the instrumental layer, since the whole song concept could be described “we’re trying to have fun, but we’re dying inside.”Therefore, the CD cover presenting Leau in a clown suit can be taken as a bitter tongue-in-cheek metaphor.

Coming from the debut album Slow BloomOrchestrate is a wistful yet vibrant single by mesmi, a LA-based artist who touches here the delicate subjects of the ways we compromise ourselves. The whole album is a story of confronting the racial and gender hardships and battles that any Asian-American woman of color endures quietly during her life. All engraved as a laid-back electronic background, tinged with reversed samples, booming percussion, and velvety vocals. Orchestrate blissfully beams with the R&B late-evening vibes.

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