The Golden Age of TV – Caught in Doors

Advertised with “Razor sharp, whip smart and perfectly crafted guitar riffs,” Caught in Doors is the newest single in the band’s modest output; so far The Golden Age of TV has released only three songs. Their latest single is a crazy indie rock race. Featuring female vocals as the core, Caught in Doors draws attention to a very intelligent combination of large number of guitar riffs. Where other indie rock bands focus on the repetition of motifs and pure and simple catchy-ness, The Golden Age of TV is not afraid to diversify what their songs sound like. Sometimes the vocal is in the spotlight, and sometimes it is the guitar arpeggio or the wall of sound; however, not for a moment I felt that some part of the song is simply a boring filler. The Golden Age of TV puts on the quality over the quantity, which can be heard in Caught in Doors – smart alternative rock cracker.

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