Bellevue Days – S.A.D.

The heartfelt lyricism of Bellevue Days can hit a little too close to home. “I’ve got S.A.D, but no one is taking me seriously” – is a perfect intro representation of the lyric form of this single, dealing with the topics of self-depracation, fear, anxiety, and loneliness. All made in a very reflective emo-punk mood, with cathartic blasts of energy in one moment, and then reflective builds-up of layered guitar patterns in the refrains, all to emphasize the message of not being listened to, and having one’s emotions get undermined. It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever, the debut full-length album from the Croydon-based alt-rockers Bellevue Days was released on 22nd November 2019, via @banquetrecords

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